Wild Rose Websites is rebranding!

The name just doesn't cut it anymore, as I do so much more than build websites! So I am in the process of rebranding. Or reinventing myself, maybe.

The new name will be Creative Implementations, and the new website will be at www.creativeimplementations.com (don't go look, there's nothing there yet). The logo is done (yay!), but I've hit a bit of a snag on creating the rest of the identity package: my husband is transferring several hundred miles away from where we now live, so we will be moving in the near future — which means a new phone number and new address, neither of which exist yet.

So stay tuned, or come back and visit in the fall when we have figured out where we are going!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program

As a web developer and as a business owner, I understand how difficult it can be to outsource effectively. When you are working all the hours in a day that you can manage, but don't have quite the income you need to outsource certain tasks, it can be frustrating. To know that the work you are doing is less than your best because you spend too much time on things you do not enjoy is even more frustrating — and it can cost you a customer's business!

In response to seeing business owners struggling with doing it all themselves and outsourcing effectively, I have teamed up with Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz of Taylor Made Time to bring you the tools you need to work more efficiently on your own: tools that help you to build processes that are easy to outsource when your income level can support another person in your business. This new venture is called Inform To Enable Inc., and we are excited about all that we will be offering.

We invite you to visit us at www.inform2enable.com! We are still in the beginning stages and we are building slowly, as we continue to operate our primary businesses. Wild Rose Websites is still operational, although I have scaled back my practice considerably to devote more time to Inform To Enable Inc.

Our new website is a place where business owners can meet, share stories, learn new methods of getting things done, and to get answers to questions you may not know you had!